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Welcome to the international S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Roleplay DayZ Community

You wipe the blood from your knife on the skin of the bloodsucker.
You don’t dare to stain the clothes of your companion, who is bleeding to death next to you, with it.
The attack came fast and hard, it felt like an ambush.
Before you or your companion could notice anything, the bloodsucker jumped out of nowhere and tore his leg off.
He falls to the ground. Screaming. Desperate.
If you hadn’t your hand on the trigger of your sawed-off shotgun, you’d be mutant fodder too.
You just made your way back to the Duty. An assignment was waiting to be fulfilled. Rare documents, it said.
On your day-long journey through the zone, you met him purely by chance.
He was also on the job, but for the Renegades.
Every now and then he stammered something about his daughter.
But you never really understood him.
But he was kind. Which didn’t go with the Renegades at all. Was probably the last bit of humanity that didn’t let you kill him. Or his supposed daughter?
You will not find out. You reach for his backpack only hesitantly.
The little box of ammunition didn’t even interest you.
More, however, this strange, round, glowing thing he was planning to bring back.
What did he want with that? Still, the thing fascinates you.
Maybe it is a good idea after all to make the detour via the Bandits to the Ecologists? It could be worth something after all.
But first you have to know what exactly you are holding in your hands.
You throw back the backpack and look down at the bleeding man one last time.
And start to go in a different direction.
Maybe in the direction of something very valuable.


The story we follow on our Hardcore RP server takes place in 2014 and is therefore the story after the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series from GSC Game World.

Your own story

Create your character and your story to survive in the zone and distinguish yourself!
Run as a loner through the zone or join the Ecologists, for example, only your decisions pave the way for you!


You have the option of any faction that is in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. History is there to join in to discover the secrets of the zone and its dangers with you.


We do not use a whitelist procedure on our server. We’re going a different way, so as not to waste your time and the time of our supporters.


Roam through the zone and do jobs that the other stalkers in the zone give you or listen to the sounds of the radio to maybe do one or the other stalker a favor.

How do you get on the server?

First you have to read our rules, then you should find your way to the Discord, should you have managed that and received the password for the server, you will first have to find your way into the zone.