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In order to give you and other players a better gaming experience, please read the following rules carefully.

During the course of the rules you will come across an emoji.
This emoji is your gateway to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Roleplay Discord.

Who are we?
STALKER. – Roleplay is a DayZ community that tries to create a S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-universe with modified content of the game.

What do we want?
We want to invite S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-veterans as well as newcomers to the topic to experience a different DayZ game experience with roleplay in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.universe.

Requirements for playing?
First of all, you have to be 18 years old and own a working headset.

It would be very advantageous if you deal with the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-lore so that you don’t end up in the zone completely confused.

English is not necessarily spoken on our server.
To ensure a better, more immersive experience of the zone, we are happy to speak other languages ​​as well.
However, it will be very difficult for you to communicate with other stalkers without good English skills.
You must be in character at all times when playing, this rule applies regardless of what language is currently being spoken.

Basic rules

1.0 Knowledge of the rules

Every player needs to know the rules. We expect you to know the rules and to adhere to them during the game and on the Discord.

1.1 Reporting of rule violations

Violations of the rules are generally only dealt with video evidence!
To report a rule violation, please create a ticket in the Discord at:

  • Support section
    • Support ticket

Our staff/admins will take care of your request and find a fair solution for your case.

1.2 Penalties

The server management can and will punish misconduct with disciplinary penalty. These can range from in-game fines, to bans lasting several days, to permanent bans.

It is possible to object to the penalty at any time.
Please create a ticket as described in point 1.1 and briefly describe the matter with conversation protocol.

While you are banned, you are not allowed to participate in the game in any way!
You can talk OOC to your colleagues, but think of it as unpaid leave and when you come back they can tell you what happened.

1.3 Compensation

No compensation without screenshot or video evidence!

If there is a loss of an item/items of higher value due to misconduct by other players or errors in the game, our staff/admins will replace your things for you (only applies to larger losses).
Simply open a ticket with the screenshot or video evidence.

Server rules

2.0 Hacking / Glitching / Bugusing / Overuse of Game Mechanins

If we notice players who alter data, use external programs, using glitches or bugs or even using game mechanics to their exaggerated advantage, this will result in a permanent ban from the server and Discord.

2.1 Meta gaming

Metagaming involves working with out Out Of Character (OOC) information. Example: Using information you heard outside of the game (OOC), then using that information in Character (IC).
This is strictly forbidden, our staff/admins will impose penalties according to rule 1.2.

2.2 Streaming

While playing on the server, it is forbidden to watch or follow streams of other players who are on the server.
This also applies to Discord broadcasts.
If you are not playing on the server and you are watching a stream from S.T.A.L.K.E.R – RP, we recommend you to stick to the server rules in the stream you are watching and to treat the streamer with respect.
If there are violations here, our staff/admins will act according to rule 1.2.
Streamers are not preferred by us or get advantages over other players!

2.3 Advertising

It is forbidden to post advertisements for other servers on our Discord, neither in the text channels or by private message to players on the server.
In the event of a violation, there is a permanent ban and exclusion from the community.
Please do not post any advertising for our server on other DayZ servers.

2.4 Whitelisting

We do not use whitelisting on our server.
We’re going a different way. We dont want to waste your time and the time of our staff/admins.
First you have to find your way to the Discord, should you have managed that and received the password for the server, you will first have to find your way into the zone.
On the way there you will pass through a military checkpoint.
This will be your first RP experience on the server.
Depending on how you act/introduce yourself, the soldiers might let you pass, they might steal from you, or they might send you back where you came from. They will continue to do this until your roleplay is to server standards.
Don’t worry, the military won’t kill you unless you are a threat to them.

Player Code of Conduct

3.0 Don’t act like an idiot

Please treat our staff and community with Respect.

  • Insults
  • Sexual harassment
  • Trolls
  • Posting Sexual Content
  • Posting controversial topics
  • Racist comments
  • Depending on the severity of the violation, it can lead to permanent exclusion from the community.
  • We are trying to give you a positive experience here, so please don’t act like an idiot.

3.1 Behavior within the roleplay

If the following situations arise within the roleplay, the player will be permanently banned from the community.

  • Racist comments
  • Political statements without an RP background
  • Religious utterances with no RP background
  • Harsh insults (things like “you idiot” or “he’s crazy” are ok)
  • Sex or rape RP
  • Intentional locking of doors without an RP background
  • Trolling with no RP background
  • Should a rule violation occur, this will lead to permanent exclusion from the community.

3.2 Supporter

All tickets must be submitted via the ticket system.
Do NOT message admins/staff directly on Discord regarding tickets.
This is important so we can guarantee you the best possible support.
Always treat our staff with respect.
If there are shouting or insults during a support case, the support will not process your ticket and punishments according to rule 1.2 may result.

Always remember, these people are sacrificing their time to give you the best possible gaming experience.
If community members pretend to be staff/admins, this leads to permanent exclusion from the community.

3.3 Combat logging

It is forbidden to log out during and 5 minutes after interactions with other players in fights or emissions.
This is especially true in the context of avoiding RP situations.

Role playing rules

4.0 Roleplay

On the server the players are always in character (IC).
Failure to do so will result in penalties according to 1.2.
Even statements like “OOC” to explain things are strictly forbidden.
Be creative and try to explain IC to people.
If this doesn’t work, use the in-game text chat.

In the PDA you have to write in english, so everyone else has the same chances of roleplay.

4.1 Character

To play on the server you have to come up with a character with a first and last name or nickname that matches the topic. (xMilfslayer666x is not a nickname!)

Having a biography for your character is always great and adds depth to the role-play.

4.2 Value of life

Each player plays a fictional character who has an interest in not losing his life. (With the exception of Monolith)

One player is asked to cooperate by two players with their weapons raised.
Of course he fears for his life and cooperates.
A loner approaches a duty checkpoint and is asked to leave. The loner understands that this is a paramilitary unit and armed soldiers and complies with the request.

Violations of this rule are considered as fail-RP and will be punished with disciplinary measures according to 1.2.

4.3 New Life Rule

Should you die of IC reasons, your character will no longer remember what happened to him or where.
This is to be played out as if you had been badly wounded and suffered amnesia in connection with the serious injury.
Furthermore, you are not allowed to enter the place where you died for 30 minutes.
Should you still try to get there to retrieve your equipment, we will make you aware that this is a rule violation.
Furthermore, it is technically impossible to rescue yourself 😉

Other players are allowed to salvage your inventory and give it to you or keep it.

4.4 RDM / KOS

It is forbidden to injure or kill other players WITHOUT an RP situation.
An RP situation is considered to be over when there has been no visual contact for 30 minutes.
The only exception to this is the Monolith faction.

4.5 Controls, assaults and theft

The number of initiators must always be equal to or higher than the number of victims.
That means: 3 or more initiators may raid at least 3 victims.
Exceptions are official military, bandit factions and faction bases (5.9).

For the initiation, a weapon must be pointed at the victim and introductory sentences in English like “Put your hands up” or “This is a robbery” must fall.

The victim must be given at least 5 seconds to react.
Statements such as “I did not understand the language of the initiators” are not considered a solution to escape the situation.

If the initiators wear a gas mask, the initiation does not apply.

Furthermore, the mere raising of the weapon is not sufficient as an initiation.
If there is an injury or shooting of the victims without initiation or reaction time, this is considered as Fail-RP and will be punished as a rule violation according to 1.2.
During the RP situation all participants have to value their lives.

Means: The victim must obey the initiators’ demands and fear for his life at all times.
The victim is not forbidden to defend himself, should possible situations arise, such as the initiators being inattentive.
The initiators are obliged to let the victim have things that guarantee his survival.

Things like:

  • Gas mask
  • Knife
  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Bandages


It is ok to swap high quality items from the victim for worse items during the robbery.

4.6 Executions

Players can be executed by faction leaders.
There must be an RP background for this. The executer must give enough time to let the victim play out his upcoming .
An execution without an RP background and conversation is a violation of the rules.
If a character is executed, he will lose all of his contacts and memories.

4.7 Safe Zones

It is forbidden to ambush or shoot people in the safe zones.
It is also forbidden to escape an RP situation by fleeing into a safe zone.

Point 4.2 (Value of life) applies here.

Should there still be a dispute, this player must be led out of the zone.

One player is asked to cooperate by two players with their weapons raised.
Of course he fears for his life and cooperates. (4.4 value of life)
if the player does not react to the situation or tries to evade the situation with the thought: “This is the safe zone”, so this must be reported to the support, this counts as a fail-RP and is punished as a rule violation.

Safe zones are the village of Cordon and the 100Rad Bar in Rostok.

General faction rules

5.0 Factions

There are factions on our server.
You can recognize them by their uniform clothing and patches.
If a faction member does not wear a patch, this player is not a faction member at that time and is to be treated as a loner.

5.1 Conduct of factions

Factions are to be treated in the same way as all other players, they have no special regulations.
As a member of a faction, you represent our server and are required to know all the rules and offer the best possible RP.
Faction wars can occur while the server is running. All faction members are encouraged to treat other factions OOC in a sporty and respectful manner at all times.

5.2 Join a faction

Factions always recruit in character.
So if you are interested in joining a faction, let them know. They will give you tasks to see how you fit them. If you’ve done everything right, they’ll send you a faction invitation on Discord. This is to be completed to the best of our knowledge.
Then you will have a faction interview with a supporter who will see how appropriate your RP and your knowledge of the faction’s lore is.
As a faction member you enjoy a few freedoms, but the server team will check at any time whether you are adhering to the group rules and your RP is suitable.
If this is not the case, the server management plans to remove you from the faction at any time.

5.3 Leaving a faction

You can leave your faction on good or bad terms.
This decision is up to the faction leadership.
Here the leadership decides whether and how you leave the faction.
Leadership can choose to have an execution, in accordance with point 4.6.
After leaving a faction there is a 2 week faction lock to avoid hopping between factions.

5.4 Dress code

All members of a faction have a uniform clothing style that corresponds to the lore at all times.
You must also wear your patch visibly at all times.

5.5 Faction war

Should a faction want to declare war on another, this is first to communicate IC and OOC to the other faction leadership and to wait for the knowledge of the enemy leadership.
Then a ticket with a copy of the chat, as well as video evidence of the IC declaration of war and an RP background must be created and the consent of the server team must be awaited.

5.6 Cooperation with other factions

No other faction is allowed to interfere in faction wars.

5.7 Duration of the war

The war continues until:

  • one leadership got executed
  • one of the factions surrenders and issues a peace treaty
  • the server team will determine a winner

5.8 Executions during a war

Anyone from one faction may execute members of the other faction at any time. Proceed according to point 4.6.

5.9 Faction bases (fenced area marked with signs)

A faction base is always considered to be fully occupied.
If you enter a foreign faction base you are automatically outnumbered and all initiation rules (4.5) are in favour of the foreign faction.
If there is an exchange of fire inside the faction bases but outside a Base Raid (5.10), the faction is allowed to respawn and defend their base INSIDE.

This rule does not allow the use of information that didn’t come from a real player.

5.10 Base raids

Base raids are only allowed if factions are in war on each other or there is an RP reason.
A ticket explaining the reasons must be received prior to the attack.

5.11 Defense

A base raid is only possible if 50% of the faction is in the base.

5.12 Deceased faction members during a baseraid

If a faction member dies during a base raid, he cannot respawn within 30 minutes of dying. If the raid is not over, he cannot rejoin the fight. He must remain calm and wait for the fighting to conclude.

5.13 Hostage-taking within factions

If a faction member is taken hostage, all members have to fear for the life of the hostage at all times.
During a negotiation there is a ceasefire, if the negotiations do not lead to the desired goal, the other faction must be informed and given a period of time to react before an exchange of fire begins.

Rules for Monoliths

6.0 KOS (Kill On Sight)

Monolith can kill or injure players at any time without prior RP or RP reason.
However, it is heavily recommended for them to RP with players.
Getting killed by monolith is NOT an execution.”

6.1 Value of life

Monolith do not fear for their lives, therefore, they have no value for their lives.
They are exempt from rule 4.2.

6.2 Voice of the Wishgranter

It is not allowed to play the voice of the wishgranter if you are not a member of Monolith.


7.0 Supporter

In case of doubt, the server management is always right and it is up to them to change regulations at any time.